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1 Dozen Mini Cupcakes


    • $
    • 3.5 $
    • 3.5 $

    Must order at least 2 dozen for delivery

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Cupcake Flavors

Almond (V)(G)*
Banana Chocolate Chip (G)*
Banana Fudge (G)
Banana Split (G)
Bananas Foster (V)(G)*
Black and White (V)(G)*
Blondie (G)
Butter Yellow (V)(G)*
Butterfinger (G)
Cafe Mocha (G)*
Caramel Apple (V)(G)*
Caramel Stout *
Carrot Cake (V)(G)*
Chai (V)(G)*
Cherry Vanilla *
Chocolate Birthday Cake (V)(G)*
Chocolate Chocolate Chip (G)*
Chocolate Covered Coconut  (V)(G)*
Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookie ($3.50)
Cinnamon Pecan French Toast (V)(G)*
Coconut Cream (V)(G)*
Confetti (V)(G)*
Cookies and Cream (V)*
Cookies and Milk ($3.50)
Ghirardelli Chocolate (V)(G)*
Grasshopper Mint (V)(G)*
Hummingbird (V)(G)*
Irish Coffee*
Key Lime (V)(G)*
Lemon (V)(G)*
Mexican Hot Chocolate (G)*
Mimosa (V)(G)*
Nutella Hazelnut (G)*
Orange Dream (V)(G)*
Party Animal
Peanut Butter Delight (V)(G)*
Pistachio (V)(G)*
Pumpkin Spice (V)(G)*
Raspberry Lemon (V)(G)*
Raspberry Truffle (G)*
Red Velvet (V)(G)*
Rocky Road (G)*
Root Beer Float (V)(G)*
Salted Caramel Fudge (V)(G)*
Snickerdoodle (V)(G)
Strawberry Champagne (V)(G)*
Strawberry Lemonade (V)(G)*
Vanilla (V)(G)*
Vanilla Salted Caramel (V)(G)*
White Chocolate Blackberry (G)*
White Wedding (V)(G)*


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